Cellular Intercept CC2800

Cellular Intercept CC2800

Cellular Intercept CC2800 The Cellular Intercept model CC2800 is able to operate in both its Target Mode and its Random Mode. Used to investigate criminal and terrorist elements, this Cellular Intercept enables the user to direct cellular interception by variables such as the IMSI, TMSI, or cellular phone number of the suspect. In most scenarios, the user has some preceding intelligence about the suspect in question (the TARGET) under investigation.

However, if there is little to no information about the suspect (for example, if the user only knows the suspect has a cell phone but does not have any information about that phone), the user may randomly monitor, listen, and record conversations until the suspect is detected.

Cellular Detection: Because the signal strength of a suspect will vary at times, the system sensory function automatically observes the radio traffic while in operation.  Once the CC2800 detects the variables and confirms the Target, that Target can be observed over great distances while the target travels from "cell to cell". When the Cellular Intercept performs this cellular tracking of the Targets 'hand-over' while on the move, the system's Graphic User Interface will report the hand-over data, making investigations of suspects very efficient and helpful.

SMS Interception: The Cellular Intercept series also incorporates an SMS intercept, extracting all incoming outgoing SMS messaging. The output of this process will show the data interception in virtually all languages.

For more information on the Cellular Intercept operational parameters and technical attributes such as:
  • Multi Channel Configuration
  • COMINT Receiver Platform
  • Management Backbone
  • Target Suspect Database
  • SMS Trigger
  • Antenna Enhancement
  • Spider Web Interception Capability
  • Reception Range
  • System Expansion
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