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HSS supports Government and Law Enforcement Agencies, as well as authorized vendors with Cellular Intercept systems for audio surveillance, tactical cellular monitoring systems for Communications Intelligence, and communication control with the introduction of our line of GSM intercept systems.

For Resellers seeking our technologies on behalf of their government clients, we have pioneered venues within security business opportunities. By empowering authorized Government vendors with the tools and knowledge, a Reseller of our intercept systems is able to make proper demonstrations to officials that deal with the sensitive nature of cellular interception.

Since the 1960's, systems from the HSS engineering division have made an impact globally by solving security issues in all Law Enforcement and Government sectors.

HSS clients range from Government Defense Agencies and Law Enforcement Agencies to Government contractors and the diplomatic corp.

Through Homeland Security Strategies, security and surveillance Workshops and Seminars are offered.

HSS Research & Development Laboratories, SecuritySource™, as well as strategic partners provide custom solutions to meet the Security and Surveillance needs of Government and Law Enforcement Agencies as well as Government Resellers. Custom solutions for cell phone monitoring technologies are generally built to order, depending upon which cellular standard the phone monitoring project entails. It should be noted that the surveillance technologies of cell phone monitoring are not for public use, but are to be used by Government users only. HSS also offers these sensitive products and systems to be resold by Resellers to Government Agencies.

HSS Cellular Monitoring or Cellular Interception Technologies help Government defense agencies monitor suspected criminals, terrorists, persons of interest, and enemies of the state.  HSS is geared to properly help solve monitoring issues associated with global cellular monitoring conditions.

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