Cellular Intercept

Cellular Intercept and Cellular Monitoring technologies give Law Enforcement and Government Agencies a technological edge.  Through cellular interception, users obtain COMINT. Short for Communications Intelligence, COMINT helps authorities to acquire, analyze, and manage intercepted wireless communications such as voice and data.

This becomes vital as terrorist and criminal elements rely upon cellular mobile communications to carry out their nefarious operations.

At HSS, we know how to demonstrate cellular interceptor and GSM intercept technologies to police agencies. We also enable authorized government vendors the opportunity to make live demonstrations of our cellular interception systems.

Before custom monitoring systems or off the shelf systems are acquired by governments, it makes sense to see a live demonstration. Proof of concept by witnessing a working presentation in the country of use is necessary to confirm performance, and our cellular monitoring systems are designed to perform based on our clients requirements.

That is why we consult and train those who seek our monitoring solutions. We understand you might need answers to issues relating to intelligence acquisition, and therefore, we offer our knowledge and professional solutions on GSM Intercept systems, CDMA Intercept systems, SMS intercept and Cellular Catcher abilities.

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